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Q.1 I want to buy an apartment in a new project located in Delhi and have identified an apartment for booking.  How do I check if the project is registered with RERA?
Real Estate Regulator Authority’s (RERA) website can help you with this. First, visit the state’s RERA website (, and on top menu click on ‘Projects/Promoters’ tab. Now choose ‘Registered’ dropdown from 'Filter by' option and enter all the details required such as your desired developer, area, and the locality in 'Search Project/Promoter' box. The list of registered projects in your selected area will be displayed.
Q.2 I am dealing with a Real Estate Agent for booking an apartment in a new project.  How do I check if the Real Estate Agent is registered with RERA?
On the RERA website you can  find out the names of real estate agents who are registered to deal in particular projects in Delhi.
Q.3 I have identified a floor in a residential colony for purchase.  The construction was done many years ago.  Does the project requires to be registered with RERA by the builder or the present owner?
If Promoter has received Completion Certificate, from the competent authority for the Project, then there is no requirement for registration
More so, there are few more exemptions for registration as follows:
i. where area of land proposed to be developed does not exceed 500 square meters or number of apartments proposed to be developed does not exceed 8 inclusive of all phases;
ii. renovation or repair or re-development which does not involve marketing, advertising selling or new allotment of any apartment.
Q.4 I have identified a floor for purchase in a residential colony in Delhi.  The construction is going on and is likely to be completed in next few months.  Does the project required to be registered with RERA?
Yes. Projects, that are ongoing and for which completion certificate has not been issued, are required to be registered with the RERA
Q.5 I have received a flyer regarding apartments to be built in Delhi under the Land Pooling policy. Where can I find information about issues that I should be careful about?
One should carefully scrutinize The Delhi Master Plan 2021 and also can check website of Delhi Development Authority for regular updates and before depositing ensure that the project is registered with the RERA.
Q.6 I have booked an apartment in a project that is registered with RERA Delhi. What are my rights under the RERA Act?
i. To obtain information relating to sanctioned plans, layout plans along with the specifications, approved by the competent authority;
ii. To know stage-wise time schedule of completion of project, including provisions for water, sanitation, electricity and other amenities;
iii. To claim possession of apartment & common areas;
iv. To claim refund of amount paid along with interest on delay of getting possession.
Q.7 I booked an apartment several years ago and have paid a substantial amount of money but the delivery of the apartment is delayed for a long time.  Can RERA help me to get the delivery of the apartment quickly?
Yes. You can file a complaint in Form - M, with the Authority against Developer for such delay and loss.As, Authority has power to make inquiry and issue directions from time to time, to developers. Moreover, Authority may impose penalty on promoter on for such delay and dispose of complaints as expeditiously within 60 days from date of filing the same.
Q.8 I paid a substantial sum of money several years ago for an apartment but the project has been delayed.  How do I get my money back to buy another ‘Ready to Move’ apartment?
If Promoter fails to complete or is unable to give possession of an apartment, he shall be liable to return entire amount received by him from Allottee, in respect of that apartment with interestincluding compensation within 45 days of it becoming due.
You may also file a complaint with adjudicating officer for interest and compensation on the failure of giving possession on time in Form –N.
Q.9 The promoter of the real estate project, where I booked my apartment many years ago, has not fulfilled his promise of timely delivery and has not paid any compensation as per the Builder Buyer Agreement.  Can RERA Delhi help me in getting the requisite compensation?
Yes. The Authority has power to take action against such Developers/Promoters for their non-compliance.
Q.1 I have been working as a Real Estate Agent in Delhi for many years.  Do I mandatorily require to be registered with RERA? If so, how do I register?
Yes. Now, every Agent has to make an application to Authority in Form-G, along with following documents, namely:-
i. details of his enterprise including its name, registered address, type of enterprise;
ii. name, address, contact details and photograph of real estate agent;
iii.  authenticated copy of PAN card &address proof of place of business.
Alongwith registration fee of Rs. 10, 000/- in case of an individual or Rs. 50, 000/- in case of other than an individual in Delhi.
Q.2 I am already registered as a Real Estate Agent with RERA Uttar Pradesh.  Do I require to register with RERA Delhi also?
Yes. RERA registration for agents and projects is governed by concerned State Governments. Thus, any application for RERA registration must be made to the RERA regulator with the respective State
Q.3 I am a Director in a private limited company that is registered as a Real Estate Agent in Haryana.  The registered address of the company is in Delhi.  Can the company also service its clients in Delhi?
No. To provide services as real estate agents in any State, you have to apply for the registration to Authority in respective State.
Q.4 My proprietorship firm is engaged as Real Estate Agent for rental purposes only.  Do I require to register with RERA Delhi?
No. Registration is only required in cases of advertise, market, sell or offer for sale of a plot, an apartment or buildingin any real estate project. But if in future it converts from rental to selling, then it would be required for registration
Q.1 What are the obligations of a promoter of a real estate project before advertising his project for booking?
i. Registration of real estate project with Authority in Form – A;
ii. After receiving aregistration number, Login Id and password from Authority, Promoter shall create a web page to fill details of the proposed projectforpublic viewing, including—
    a) details of the registration granted by the Authority;
    b) quarterly up-to-date list of:
         *number and types of apartments or plots booked and number of garages booked;
         *approvals taken and which are pending subsequent to commencement certificate;
         *status of the project.
iii. Advertisement or prospectus published by promotershall mention website address of Authority and registration number obtained from Authority.
Q.2 What are the obligations of a promoter of a real estate project after he has got his project registered with the RERA?
i. To obtain completion certificate or occupancy certificateand to make it available to allottees individually;
ii. To obtain lease certificate, where project is developed on leasehold land, specifying period of lease and certifying that all dues and charges in regard to the leasehold land has been paid; 
iii.  promoter at time of the booking and issue of allotment letter shall disclose  following information to allottee, namely:-
      a) sanctioned plans, layout plansapproved by the competent authority;
      b) stage wise time schedule of completion of project, including provisions for civic infrastructure like water, sanitation and electricity.
iv. maintain a ‘separate account’ for project wherein 70% of money received from allottees shall be deposited for construction and land cost;
v. not accept more than 10% of cost of apartment, plot, or building as an advance paymentwithout entering into written agreement for sale;
vi. pay all outgoings until he transfers physical possession of project;
vii. not transfer or assign majorityrights and liabilities to 3rd party without prior written consent from2/3rd allottees;
viii. if any structural defect is brought to notice of promoter within 5 years byallottee from date of handing over possession, promoter shall be liable to rectify such defects without further charge, within 30 days, on the failure of which, allottees shall be entitled toreceive compensation.
Q.3 Whether It is obligatory for the promoter to get registered with the RERA for his project being advertised by them for booking under Land Pooling Policy of DDA?
Yes. Real Estate Act says if Promoter or Developer, desires to sell, advertise, offer for sale any Real Estate Project, shall be under obligation to register with the Authority. It doesn’t matter whether Projects is being developed under Land Pooling Scheme or DDA.
Q.1  I need to register for multiple roles - Promoter, Agent and Buyer. Can I do this?
Yes. Registering for multiple roles (Promoter/Agent/Buyer); You are required to use different mail ID for each role but can have same mobile number. Please note that one mail ID can be used only once for registration.
Q.2 I am stuck with registration process. How can I cancel an existing Registration or an incomplete Registration?
You can not cancel your registration, But you can contact helpdesk at for any technical help.
Q.3 How do I check that the RERA Registration No. of a Project given by the Promoter/ Builder in its advertisement is valid?
You can validate a project registration number through the website. Go to home page, traverse to right side bar section which says "Validate RERA Registration Number" Select Projects from dropdown and enter project's registration number, Click on validate button.
Q.4 How do I check that the RERA Registration No. of an agent is valid?
You can validate an agent's registration number through the website. Go to home page, traverse to right side bar section which says "Validate RERA Registration Number" Select Agents from dropdown and enter agent's registration number, Click on validate button.


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