Real Estate Regulatory Authority, NCT of Delhi

Suo Moto Cases Agent

S.No. Case No Respondent Copy of Notice Last Date of Hearing Order Passed Next Date of Hearing Status
1 RERA/SM1/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM1-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 18/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM1-ORDER-18-09-2019.pdf 01/11/2019 On going
2 RERA/SM2/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM2-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 03/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM2-ORDER-03-09-2019.pdf 26/09/2019 On going
3 RERA/SM3/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM3-NOTICE-14-06-19.pdf 20/08/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM3-ORDER-20-08-19.pdf 03/10/2019 On going
4 RERA/SM4/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM4-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 12/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM4-ORDER-12-09-2019.pdf 26/09/2019 On going
5 RERA/SM5/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM5-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 20/08/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM5-FinalOrder-20-08-19.pdf Disposed Off
6 RERA/SM6/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM6-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 20/08/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM6-ORDER-20-08-19.pdf On going
7 RERA/SM7/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM7-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 03/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM7-ORDER-03-09-2019.pdf 26/09/2019 On going
8 RERA/SM8/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM8-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 04/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM8-ORDER-04-09-2019.pdf 03/10/2019 On going
9 RERA/SM9/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM9-NOTICE-09-09-2019.pdf 04/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM9-ORDER-05-09-2019.pdf 03/10/2019 On going
10 RERA/SM10/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM10-NOTICE-23-05-19.pdf 03/09/2019 PDF icon RREA-SM10-ORDER-03-09-2019.pdf 26/09/2019 On going