Real Estate Regulatory Authority, NCT of Delhi

Suo Moto Case Project

S.No. Case No. Promoter Details Project Details Copy of Notice Last Date of Hearing Order Passed Next Date of Hearing
1 F.RREP/SM-136/2019 M/s. Union Homes Welfare Society P-I & P-II Zone PDF icon RREP-SM136-NOTICE-13-08-2019..pdf 18/09/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM136-ORDER-18-09-2019.pdf 09/10/2019
2 F.RREP/SM-135/2019 M/s. MTNL Employees House Welfare Society L-Zone Dwarka PDF icon RREP-SM135-NOTICE-13-08-2019.pdf 18/09/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM135-ORDER-18-09-2019.pdf 03/10/2019
3 F.RREP/SM-134/2019 M/s. Veer Hakikat Multistate Coop. Group. Housing Society Ltd. VEER HEIGHTS L-ZONE PDF icon RREP-SM134-NOTICE-05-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM134-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
4 F.RREP/SM-133/2019 M/s. ASPEN Multistate Coop. Group Housing Society PDF icon RREP-SM133-NOTICE-26-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM133-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
5 F.RREP/SM-132/2019 M/s. Aerocity Dwarka Multistate Coop. Group Housing Society Delhi Housing Scheme PDF icon RREP-SM132-NOTICE-26-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM132-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
6 F.RREP/SM-131/2019 M/s. Bhu Laxmi Multi state CGHS Ltd. Bhu Laxmi - Delhi PDF icon RREP-SM131-NOTICE-26-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM131-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
7 F.RREP/SM-130/2019 M/s. Naav Nirman Multi state CGHS Naav Nirman Multi state CGHS PDF icon RREP-SM130-NOTICE-26-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM130-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
8 F.RREP/SM-129/2019 M/s. Maa Shakti Multistate CGHS Ltd. Maa Shakti Multistate CGHS Ltd. PDF icon RREP-SM129-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM129-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
9 F.RREP/SM-128/2019 M/s. Harmony Multistate CGHS Ltd. HARMONY PDF icon RREP-SM128-NOTICE-26-08-2019.pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM128-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019
10 F.RREP/SM-127/2019 M/s. Enigma Green CGHS Ltd. SRS Projects PDF icon RREP-SM127-NOTICE-26-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM127-ORDER-22-08-2019.pdf 24/09/2019