Real Estate Regulatory Authority, NCT of Delhi

Suo Moto Cases : Registration of Real Estate Projects

S. No Case No Promoter Details Project Details Copy of Notice Last Date of Hearing Order Passed Next Date of Hearing
1 F.RREP/SM-136/2019

M/s. Union Homes Welfare Society

P-I & P-II Zone

PDF icon RREP-SM136-NOTICE-13-08-2019..pdf 20/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM136-ORDER-20-08-2019.pdf 18/09/2019
2 F.RREP/SM-135/2019

M/s. MTNL Employees House Welfare Society 

L-Zone Dwarka

PDF icon RREP-SM135-NOTICE-13-08-2019..pdf 20/08/2019 PDF icon RREP-SM135-ORDER-20-08-2019.pdf 18/09/2019
3 F.RREP/SM-134/2019

M/s. Veer Hakikat Multistate Coop. Group. Housing Society Ltd.


PDF icon RREP-SM134-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
4 F.RREP/SM-133/2019

M/s. ASPEN Multistate Coop. Group Housing Society

PDF icon RREP-SM133-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
5 F.RREP/SM-132/2019

M/s. Aerocity Dwarka Multistate Coop. Group Housing Society

Delhi Housing Scheme

PDF icon RREP-SM132-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
6 F.RREP/SM-131/2019

M/s. Bhu Laxmi Multi state CGHS Ltd.

Bhu Laxmi - Delhi 

PDF icon RREP-SM131-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
7 F.RREP/SM-130/2019

M/s. Naav Nirman Multi state CGHS 

Naav Nirman Multi state CGHS 

PDF icon RREP-SM130-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
8 F.RREP/SM-129/2019

M/s. Maa Shakti Multistate CGHS Ltd.

Maa Shakti Multistate CGHS Ltd.

PDF icon RREP-SM129-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
9 F.RREP/SM-128/2019

M/s. Harmony Multistate CGHS Ltd.


PDF icon RREP-SM128-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019
10 F.RREP/SM-127/2019

M/s. Enigma Green CGHS Ltd.

SRS Projects

PDF icon RREP-SM127-NOTICE-05-08-2019..pdf 22/08/2019 24/09/2019